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Personal branding – the balancing act

Have you ever had a work colleague add you on Facebook? If so, you may have experienced a slightly awkward butterfly feeling whilst admiring the ‘accept’ and ‘not now’ buttons. Maybe you immediately began thinking about the possible implications of accepting. Or maybe you were not really bothered about it at all.

Your online presence is something you should spend a little time thinking about. Consider what sort of image you may be conveying to your employer, colleagues, and anyone else who’s opinion you appreciate. Life would be so much easier if we did not have consider the implications of what one statement, or misguided comment can have. But life is not that simple. One has to protect their own brand.

source: theantisocialmedia.com

Your brand is the image you portray to the world. You are your own PR manager. Employers have an insatiable interest of looking into potential employees’ backgrounds. And now is the time to take ownership over your online personality.

The first step in managing your online presence, is to ensure privacy settings are secure enough so you know who can see what. I use the following set up:

  • Facebook – Private (personal friends and close friends through work)
  • Twitter – Public
  • LinkedIn – Public (mostly professional)
  • Flickr – Public

If I had more sites, I would lose my mind trying to update it all. I would warn you though – as much as you would like to, you are never going to be able to separate your work and private life completely. Nowadays the lines that separated these two typically different presences have blurred, and they continue to do so. Make sure you get into the routine of thinking before doing.

We hear how comments made online can impact peoples professional lives, and I would be interested to hear if any of you have had similar experiences?

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