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Consulting Case Interview Preparation

Thinking about a career in consulting? Here are a few resources that can help you prepare. Of special interest is the last link to consultingcase101.com, a website that provides a comprehensive mix of the preparation materials you would need for a consulting interview.

BCG Online Practice Cases:

BCG Interactive Case (45 minutes)

BCG Revenue Growth Case

BCG Increasing Profits Case

BCG Distribution Strategy Case

BCG Competitive Strategy Case


Example of the kind of work Deloitte does – Cases

Interactive Practice Cases (Multiple Cases in HR, Strategy, or Technology)

Advice on how to structure the case (plus two more practice cases)


Practice Case Studies

Imperial College of London:

Case Interview Preparation Materials (many links to Cases)

Consultancy Links:

List of Case Studies (I tried to have minimum overlap)

Consulting Cases 101:

Comprehensive interview preparation website (Includes math drills!)


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