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How to handle the daily grind

Let’s face it! Time is a precious resource and “need-more-time-in-a-day” is a widespread disease. Unfortunately, most of us have only 24 hours in a day and in order to find more time we need to be more efficient (or happier) with what we already have. I know what jumps into your head right now, but this is not a post about time management or multitasking. I would like to share a simple technique to reduce the stress associated with the time pressures. It’s called “stop and think”.

The technique is very simple, so simple that most of you will not even try it, since at first it does not seem to add much value. But I encourage you to try . It entails stopping and thinking about what we have to do today. “But I think about what I need to do all the time, how would more thinking will help me?” – you may say. This kind of thinking is different. It requires you to dedicate 10 minutes at the beginning of every day to visualising what your day will be about. Instead of frantically making time allocation decisions in the midst of the hectic day, this habit will allow you to set your overarching priorities ahead of time.

So close your eyes and in your head go through the things you have to do, then map them to times of the day that you think you can do them in. Straight away you will see that you can get much more value out of your time. There is one additional benefit that you will receive! It is the peace of mind and a day free of worry, since you know that you have 10 minutes to set your sights straight. If you have other stress reduction techniques that work for you, please let us know in the comments!



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