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How to leave a good job

During the last couple of years, a lot of my friends interned or finished Uni and started working for different companies in different industries. The one thing they had in common was the expectation of long working hours and working a lot of over-time.I guess that is what Uni-graduates expect their employers to expect from them. That’s fair enough and in most cases probably true. I’m also very certain 9-5 isn’t what is awaiting me.

Motivated by this expectation, all of them have worked their 60 hours per week and are majorly satisfied with their jobs and the work they are doing. So, I wasn’t surprised when I recently read the first bit of a study’s title: “Younger employees most satisfied with, work…”. But the second part confused me, by stating: “… but also most likely to leave”. (Study by Mercer: Younger employees most satisfied with work, but also most likely to leave.)

In this study they found that 65% of 19-24-year-olds agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend their company as a good place to work, but at the same time 46% of them are considering to leave the company – what means that at least some of them must have checked both of these facts in the survey. For the age-group of 25-34 it’s similar: 62% of them would recommend their company and 40% consider leaving.

Because I can’t think of a feasible explanation for these results, I would be very interested in your opinion about what would make you quit the job you really like…


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