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Cover Letter of a Poet

This is a short cover letter of mine. I aimed at creating the sweetest sounding piece of ink, however do you think it has what it takes to catch a recruiter’s attention?


Is there a condition more fearsome than death itself? There is. It develops slowly and strikes without warning. First, it extinguishes the spark in your eyes. Next, it takes hold of your life and consumes your senses. It starts to control you and bends you to its will. Eventually, it devours your soul. The name for this disease is routine and mediocrity. These twin sisters of demise prey on people who gave up their dreams, who embraced complacency and forfeited their potential.

I have been fighting to keep this affliction at bay for the major part of my life. I pursued knowledge through international education. This journey took me across the globe: Switzerland, United States, Russia, Australia, United Kingdom and Russia once more. I established strong friendships and firm professional connections, discovered complexities of cultural interactions and was amazed by the power of perspective. And although I earned multiple degrees, learned several languages, participated in entrepreneurial ventures, gained consulting experience, and developed my client management skills, I realized that the colorless shadow of dullness was once again upon me. The only way for me to escape, to preserve what I believe myself to be, is to make the resolute choices regarding the direction of my future.

These searches lead me to XYZ firm. You, as I, believe in being nothing but the best.  You seek to develop expertise within your ranks and to deliver the utmost value to your clients. The path that you walk is not easy, but it remains the most rewarding path there is.


Would be delighted to hear your comments!


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  1. Karthik
    August 2, 2012 at 5:32 am

    Alex. Nice letter, will definitely catch the attention of the recruiter. It is one of the best cover letter I ever read.
    One suggestion, the first para the way it starts does not make it seem like a cover letter at all. Maybe you could change that a little to indicate that it is a cover letter.

  2. Alexey Mitko
    August 2, 2012 at 5:40 am

    Hey Karthik!
    I think that this cover letter certainly has the catchy phrasing (I very much tried to write it this way), but I would say that it does not address three very important questions: Can you do the job? Will you do the job? Why do you want to do the job?

    In my opinion the true cover letter has to strike a balance between being a catching novel and to the point business letter. It’s a dilemma of writing a user manual of yourself, but making sure that reading it feels like hugging clouds.

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