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You always have a choice

Recently several on my friends mentioned that the work they do as graduates is boring, and that they want to move on to another organisation and hopefully be given  more interesting and challenging assignments. They were set on moving organisations to escape boring routine work, a simple solution and perhaps it has some merit, but I will argue that the way each of us works affects the kind of work that we are given to a greater extent than the organisational context. And if it’s true, then moving companies won’t help. What we need to do to solve the work routine problem, is to change the way we approach our work.

Let’s take a typical situation, a person worked at the XYZ company for two years and he feels that his boss gives him extensive, but straightforward assignments and wants them to be done in a particular way. This person feels bored and under-utilised and he wants some challenging assignments. Is there an incentive for the boss to give this person interesting work? No, not really, from boss’s perspective this person is good at doing routine assignments well and delivers them on time.

If the person does not establish a reputation of a problem solver  and does not voice constant suggestion for improvements, even at the routine assignment level, how can the boss have confidence that this person will perform well with more interesting and challenging assignments?

So in reality, in order to get interesting work, we need to establish ourselves as people who deserve interesting work. Merely switching organisations is not a substitute for  illustrating to your employer that you are the person that is right for the challenging work. A fresh start with a new employer may help, but if you don’t illustrate those characteristics, you may end up doing the same routine and boring work.

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