S** sells

I don’t know what you thought this post would be about. But if you are suprised by the content of it, I’ve probably proven a different point than what I originally wanted to make ;-).

The title of this post is “Simplicity sells”.

When you are working on a project, no matter what it is about, you always become the specialist of what you do. You know every detail of it. You know about it’s strengths and applications and you probably also know about it’s weaknesses and exceptions. The downfalls which you knowingly implemented, the one’s that are just not economically to solve and the one’s that you just don’t have a solution for.

It is good to know all of them, because YOU need to know about them when you are executing the project. But does everybody else who isn’t part of the project-team need to know about all of these details as well?

People you are presenting your projects, solutions, and ideas to are interested in the big picture. They want to know what the problem is and why and how you solved it. And when I say “how you solved it”, I mean that more in a “what the solution looks like”-way.

When you get to present or sell something: Keep it simple. Don’t annoy people with details they don’t care about. Communicate your message in a way that everybody who isn’t familiar with the topic at all, can get the idea. Don’t get me wrong: You need to know the details and you need to be prepared to explain them in the case somebody asks for them, as well. It’s just: “If somebody asks for them”…

It’s always better to keep it sharp and short, and stimulate some discussion about details that matter to the audience.

So, simplicity sells…




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