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Are you using your daily travel times right?

Assuming that you are living in a metropolitan area, you are probably spending a lot of time using public transport. Undoubtedly it is the most efficient way to reach you workplace without the hassle of traffic-jams and the need to find a parking lot.

Even if you only have to travel 10 minutes one way, you are having a total of 20 minutes every day that you could use in some way effectively. And it doesn’t necessarily mean in a work related way. For example, the way back home is could be used to do something relaxing, so you are less stressed as soon as you arrive at home. Maybe you use the same argument for your way to work, saying that you want to arrive at your work place in a not-stressed-yet-mood, so you work efficiently right from the beginning. You could also use travel time to free up some of your valued and rare private time, maybe check your private e-mail-box and answer short replies right away, or read the paper to be up to date.

Alternatively, if you are not stressed by the idea of working on your way to work already, do some quick and easy stuff. Check your e-mail (if you can) and prioritize your tasks for the day. Also prepare for the meetings of the day and write a note of what you still have to do to be prepared. As soon as you are off the public transport you might even call your colleagues to discuss your strategy for the day… Doing so, might save you a couple of stressful minutes during your workday or give you a couple of minutes of downtime that can really add value. Or you might find some time to go for a cup of coffee during the day, what is a welcome change from work…

How are you using your daily time on public transport? And do you have any “special techniques” that make it more efficient? Share your experience with us…


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