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Resume writing part 2

Last week we discussed how the first resume page of a recent graduate could look like.

Today we will review the second and in most cases final page for a student resume. Sections that are included on the second page are professional memberships, extra-curricular activities, notable accomplishments, and additional skills.

It’s quite possible that as a student you do not have a lot of knowledge regarding various professional bodies that are prominent in your particular industry. Researching these organisations and applying for a student membership (in most cases it’s free!) will allow you to show your interest in the career field you are pursuing, as well as giving you access to a wealth of industry specific discussions and information, which will allow you to show your depth of knowledge during an interview. In summary, the professional memberships section is a good addition to your resume. In some industries this will make your resume stand out, in others it is a prerequisite.

Extra-curricular activities is a rather common section. It is frequently described as the section that allows you to present yourself as an individual. By showing the interviewer that you are able to participate in a variety of student organisations, charity projects, and community events, you are illustrating your team work- and leadership-skills as well as your character-traits. If you are not part of a student organisation, I strongly recommend to join one, not only for resume building value, but for personal enjoyment.

The notable accomplishments section allows you to demonstrate your academic and personal achievements and provide a basis for small talk during an interview. Any accomplishment, big or small, should be included in this section. Did you complete a marathon? Competed professionally/semi professionally in a sporting event? Received a commemorative letter for outstanding performance? Played a musical instrument during a concert at your local community center or theatre? Even second/third place awards are fine! In sprinting events frequently a one hundredth of a second makes a differences between first and second place.

Lastly, the Additional Skills Section… It has some formality to it, but also an opportunity to make one last impression. The formality revolves around the need to state your language skills (including test scores if you have them), computer skills, and industry specific skills. The opportunity hides in the fact that you can also share your professional interests and recent industry related books that you’ve read.

Thank you for reading! As always, here, at eMusketeers, we realize that our view (although we frequently disagree with each other, too) is just one of many. True learning can only be achieved on the edge of comparison, so we encourage you to comment and engage with us in a debate.


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