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Lean Communication

I recently discussed the topic of new forms of media in the context of communication with a former colleague of mine. E-Mail, short messages, instant messages and even Facebook-messages infiltrated the workplace within the last two decades. Undoubtedly, those forms of communications bring a lot of advantages to our daily business and make the transfer of data not only easier, but also a lot faster.

But, have you ever realized that there is a downside to quick and easy communication channels? Most of you would probably agree that the number of letters we receive on a daily basis shrunk extremely with the rise of E-Mail. However, that shrinkage is small compared to the increase in electronic messages received. Because it is so easy to write and send an E-Mail the use of it is inflationary. Especially if someone is available via Smartphone we tend to write a short mail or message. Even though, it is believed to be the fastest and easiest way, is it really? Sending several messages back and forth can be very time-consuming and annoying. On top of that important E-Mails are always in danger of drowning in the flood of “not as important” (if you’d like to call it that way) E-Mail that flush through Inboxes every day. Therefore it might sometimes be better just to do the oldschool-way and grab the phone to discuss a topic rather than doing it electronically. And if we see this way: Someone who’s always online with his smartphone to receive E-Mails is also always available via phone.

In times of Lean-Management, Lean-Manufacturing,… everything’s aim is to be lean, so why don’t we try to use Lean-Communication?


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