Discussion Rules

At eMusketeers, we would like to create a positive and stimulating environment.  We are certain that all of you are well-mannered boys and girls, but just in case…


Things we do not tolerate:


  1. Insults: saying something offensive about someone.
     Dear Madam/Sir, I wish to respectfully disagree with your argument.

  3. Harassment: bothering someone repeatedly.

     Please please please please please! Can I? Can I?
     My dear colleague, if I may inquire an additional time.

  5. Accusations: stating that someone is doing something with bad intentions.

     You want to destroy my argument, because you hate puppies!!!!!
      I know you love puppies, and I cherish the constructive critique you bring to the table.

  7. Blaming: saying that a problem is due to someone’s fault.
     Well… if we had less people like you the problem wouldn’t exist, would it?
     This is a very interesting point of you, however I do have some questions.

  9. Provocation: writing something that intentionally makes other people angry.

     If I may add some constructive criticism.

  11. Bad faith: lying, deceiving, being dishonest,…

     I totally know how it is on the moon! I was there! You guys cannot argue about the moon, because you have no practical experience.
     (just behave ok?)
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